Women in the Arena

Unmasking your potential: Overcoming imposter syndrome with Leora Ruzin

May 10, 2023 Audra Agen Season 5 Episode 19
Women in the Arena
Unmasking your potential: Overcoming imposter syndrome with Leora Ruzin
Show Notes

In today's episode I am joined by Leora Ruzin, CMB, AMP, Founder and Owner of Ruzin Creative, LLC, as we delve into the topic of imposter syndrome. Leora is a lending executive with extensive experience in mortgage production, compliance, secondary marketing, underwriting and back-office operations. She is also a passionate advocate for financial freedom and housing finance reform, and winner of several prestigious industry awards, including Housing Wire’s 2020 “Women of Influence” and National Mortgage Professional Magazine’s 2020 “Women of Inspiration”.

As an Army veteran, cancer survivor, and a survivor of sexual and physical abuse, Leora understands the importance of perseverance and teamwork in achieving personal and professional goals. During our conversation, we explore the nuances of imposter syndrome, its impact on personal and professional growth, and how to overcome it by embracing authenticity and finding a supportive community.

Leora shares her own experiences with imposter syndrome and how she has learned to navigate it while pursuing her career and advocating for causes she is passionate about. 

If you've ever felt like a fraud or struggled with self-doubt, this episode is for you. Join us as we learn from Leora's insights and experiences, and discover practical strategies for overcoming imposter syndrome and unlocking your true potential.


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