Women in the Arena

My favorite "F" word with Sarah Olea

January 17, 2023 Audra Agen Season 5 Episode 10
Women in the Arena
My favorite "F" word with Sarah Olea
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Sarah Olea makes things happen.  She connects people to the right opportunities at the right time to create magic.  She makes it look easy...but it is anything but.  Fueled with the pride of the ability of making something out of nothing, she drove everything she had- her business, finances, relationships, health- to the breaking point.  After everything she had achieved, what she thought she wanted wasn't what she had built.  The fast track LA/NYC lifestyle with high profile clients wasn't what she wanted at all-it made her feel empty because she had to give everything away to achieve it.  She made the decision to walk away and create something new and find her true self in the process. 


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 | Timestamp Speaker Transcript  |   | 
 | 00:00.00 Sarah Olea And what did you do start over? Oh I know I.
 | 00:00.13 audraagen 1 time 1 time I did I had to start over it Sucked. So So now I always started early because I can always cut it Out. No big deal. Don't who um  |  just ah out of curiosity who which platform are you using to. Distribute your your shows.
 | 00:21.88 Sarah Olea I think we've been talking about sorry my mic is somehow um  |  not somethings going on here hold on I think we're using um I about to unplug hold on one second this whole thing just attack detached which never happened before and.
 | 00:31.88 audraagen Okay.  |   | 
 | 00:39.29 Sarah Olea I Don't know if I screw this on or I screw the top part on so give me a second. This is.
 | 00:51.58 Sarah Olea You see know that just pushed that whole thing out. Wow something. Okay  |  what podcasting platform are you using really? okay  |  all right hold on me unpug and see if I can figure this out This is here.
 | 01:02.21 audraagen Buzz sprout.  |   | 
 | 02:17.20 Sarah Olea Okay  |  can you hear me again. What started off as such a relaxing day has instantly turned into a whirlwind from this guy knocking out my door I have 5 dogs 4 of them are here now. 1 person knocks on the door. It's like a whole you know festival.
 | 02:18.72 audraagen Yeah.  |   | 
 | 02:26.39 audraagen Um  |  and.  |   |   | 
 | 02:31.90 audraagen oh yeah  |  oh yeah I've got I've got 2 and and it's yeah.
 | 02:35.24 Sarah Olea And um  |  it's crazy. So I don't know what happened with the stand. But I don't want to waste time with it. So I will just hold this mic like this as long as you can hear me you were good I'm fine. Yeah  |  thank you.  |   | 
 | 02:45.61 audraagen I I can hear you are you comfortable? Okay  |  okay  |  good. Yeah um I I know that Zencastr just opened up their their own podcast platform I have not tested it yet. So I I don't know.
 | 02:58.43 Sarah Olea Um  |  okay  |  it's good to know.  | 
 | 03:02.56 audraagen I Don't know anything about it yet so more Well I I am I like I said I am very happy to help you with your setup to see what if there's anything there that I can fix and because I've messed around with this setup a lot.
 | 03:03.54 Sarah Olea I will probably be doing a lot of trial and error over the next few weeks for sure.
 | 03:17.50 Sarah Olea Um  |  or.  |   |   | 
 | 03:20.41 audraagen And I can't believe that you paid a producer twelve hundred bucks to do that because you don't.
 | 03:23.36 Sarah Olea Yeah  |  and to produce 1 episode I mean they did our intro they you know that kind of stuff but I have my own graphic designer. He did our graphics it. It was definitely not worth it. Um  |  but I'm very vocal in that stuff now because I believe that when you give feedback whether positive or negative it can benefit.
 | 03:39.96 audraagen Again.  |   | 
 | 03:40.48 Sarah Olea The business. The business should know where they're falling short. It gives them the opportunity to grow. So Um I Definitely don't shy away I'm not rude about it but I will tell you like hey just so you know I paid for this with these levels of expectations Now if I didn't manage my expectations I take full responsibility of that. Um. But if this is what we both expected then this is the result that I believe that I got and do you agree that that that that's what you gave me  |  you know So we'll see you'll see.  | 
 | 04:08.25 audraagen Yes  |  we'll see we'll see it's ah ah  |  nobody is is living up to our own our expectations that we have for everything I can tell you that much right now. Um  |  do you have water next to you.
 | 04:17.25 Sarah Olea Yeah  |  that's for sure I don't but I'm I do actually I Just not next to my desk. So Thank you I do know although I probably won't move much because I don't know what's happening with this stand which partially is um. Just having too many people working in my house and moving things around I think um so I'm gonna make this as easy as possible for myself and tighten this and hopefully not have to buy a stand because this one I don't think was cheap. Okay.
 | 04:36.63 audraagen Yeah.  |   | 
 | 04:49.20 audraagen No  |  it's not cheap and hold on to second I'm going to my studio is a closet in my office. So I'm going to turn on the air because it gets roasting in here so hold on.
 | 04:52.83 Sarah Olea And.  |   |   | 
 | 04:58.37 Sarah Olea Nice  |  okay  |  sounds good.  | 
 | 05:19.71 audraagen Okay  |  because I will just sit here and just sweat and it won't be very comfortable. Um  |  let's see I have your intro can you resend me your your photo your your photo because I.
 | 05:21.72 Sarah Olea And yeah  |  no  |  we.  |   | 
 | 05:30.35 Sarah Olea Bio. Oh yeah.  |   | 
 | 05:35.17 audraagen I Don't know if it didn't attach or what happened but I went back to see look at the email and it wasn't there. Um  |  do you have any questions for me. Okay  |  and we get to talk about failure which.
 | 05:40.50 Sarah Olea Yeah  |  obviously um  |  no I think we're good.  | 
 | 05:51.31 audraagen It's gonna set people back on their heels which I'm so excited about actually now I'm going to open us up. Let me get open your bio because um I think that that's important and are there. Any.
 | 05:54.49 Sarah Olea I'm excited to. Ah.  | 
 | 06:10.70 audraagen Are there any specific businesses that you support that you'd like me to drop like.
 | 06:15.80 Sarah Olea Oh that's a good question. Um  |  no  |  they may and and naturally and organically come out but not anything specific.
 | 06:18.76 audraagen Okay  |  okay  |  all right I'm ready if you are okay and I will tell you that this intro is where I screw up like 90% of the time because it's the only part that doesn't feel organic. Everything else does so bear with me.
 | 06:24.99 Sarah Olea I'm ready.  |   | 
 | 06:30.61 Sarah Olea Ah  |  your fine. Yeah  |  it's okay.  |   | 
 | 06:36.97 audraagen I'll count us down and we'll be ready to roll the by 4 3 2 1 welcome in everyone and thank you for joining me again this week I have such an amazing lady with me today and I think you'll really enjoy her.
 | 06:37.13 Sarah Olea Sounds good.  |   | 
 | 06:53.48 audraagen Her name is Sarah Allo and she is a social median let's see if I get this right? Social media marketing strategist and brand manager and I stumble over that because all of that confuses me all of that clearly if you see my social media post. You'll see that it confuses me nonetheless.
 | 07:00.70 Sarah Olea You got it right.  |   | 
 | 07:12.68 audraagen She works with very high profile companies and brand ambassadors just to elevate their visibility and to give them some direction and it she definitely gets a run for her money most of the time and she earns every bit of it. It is my pleasure. And my honor to introduce to you Sarah olaia Sarah thank you so much for being here and welcome to the show.
 | 07:37.65 Sarah Olea Thank you so much for having me I'm very excited your podcast is great. So it's fun to be a part of it.
 | 07:42.60 audraagen I Thank you I am really excited that you're here you and I have a lot in common I Love your energy and we're going to talk about one of my favorite f words and I know that that's going to set send everybody back on their heels because it's probably not a. Popular one but is one that I've embraced and it's changed my life and I know that you've embraced it and it's changed your life over and over and over again. So are we ready to drop this f bomb on Them. We're gonna talk about.
 | 08:13.26 Sarah Olea Um  |  absolutely I'm so ready. Yes.  | 
 | 08:20.50 audraagen Failure I said it I said it failure and everybody's going like why in the world is that one of her favorite f words I think that Sarah does it more justice than I can so Sarah let's talk about failure and.
 | 08:31.90 Sarah Olea Oh you see.  |   | 
 | 08:39.91 audraagen And why we should embrace it more but let's talk about your personal journey with this F-bomb failure.
 | 08:47.21 Sarah Olea Ah I love that and it's such enough bomb right? We think oh no I failed I'm a failure This is a failure that never feels or sounds like a good thing and in my situation I ran from it I did every and anything to not fail to.
 | 08:55.16 audraagen Now.  |   | 
 | 09:04.66 Sarah Olea Make it look like I wasn't failing to hold onto an identity that was as far away from failure as possible and what happened was I was so obsessed with what I didn't want to be that it was what was happening and I didn't embrace failure. Because we who's going to embrace it right? We we do everything? Yeah  |  No one says that everything is like hey no  |  you need to do this. You know right? and well and and look a certain way and feel a certain way and talk a certain way. We all have these.
 | 09:24.70 audraagen Yeah  |  who's going to say sign me up  |  sign me up I Want to fail.
 | 09:40.56 Sarah Olea High expectations which we were even talking about before we started recording these high expectations we have for others and for ourselves and we're so hard on ourselves and so failure is something that we run from what I realized was that when I started to embrace failure when I started to look at it as. A very huge opportunity for a pivot in my life for a growing opportunity for lessons to truly be learned  |  not just experienced I think oftentimes we experience lessons but we don't learn from them so they repeat in my situation I embraced the failure to where I got to look at it and say wow. Okay  |  I'm feeling this this is real. This has happened.. It's not me. It's not who I am so I was so afraid of it was really my ego right? I didn't want to hurt my ego I didn't want people to know that I wasn't this. Cool  |  great  |  amazing person with this big agency in LA Wow How is she doing it honestly I don't know because I wasn't really doing it I was just surviving and I embraced the failure and I realized it wasn't my identity. It was a huge opportunity for me to make a big shift in my life which I did and now when I think of failure I have a smile on my face even just right now because I think Wow had I not experienced that I would not be where I am now and I want to give you the analogy of when you go to a gym and you're working with with a trainer and he's giving you like a set.
 | 11:06.22 Sarah Olea Sometimes he's like I want you to do this till failure like do this workout until you fail like what does that mean it means you've pushed your body to its fullest capacity right to achieve something.
 | 11:07.83 audraagen Oh yes.  |   | 
 | 11:20.30 Sarah Olea So I pushed myself my mindset my brain my body my finances my my spiritual health I pushed everything to the full capacity in order for me to give up on what I thought I really wanted to sit back and breathe and rediscover what it is that I want to do in the future and really take a hold of my life. So now I look at failure is Wow What a cool opportunity to do this and to get through it.
 | 11:44.11 audraagen So I'm going to stop you there because everyone begins I'm like what what? what did she fail at I So tell us what? what did you? do you? You are You are a business owner and this is your previous business that got the opportunity to morph into a new business but tell us what.
 | 11:59.36 Sarah Olea Um  |  yeah.  |   |   | 
 | 12:03.68 audraagen What the? what? what? that turning point was what was that business that quote unquote failed.
 | 12:05.23 Sarah Olea Yeah  |  so and I had a a social media agency we had about a staff of anywhere between 11 and 13 depending on freelancers coming on things like that. You know the dream team this this this good looking team. You know l a and New York based we had all these crazy celebrity clients I mean we're we're living the dream on the outside on the inside. You've got 2 business owners that do not agree on most things. Not even just in personal life. But in business. In finances so you have 2 different directions that the business is supposed to go in with a fifty fifty partnership so you can't move either way until the other person says. Okay  |  sure. Let's do it then you've got high payroll you're in 2 city or two states with high taxes. Um  |  we've got. A pandemic that hits us that both brings a blessing and a curse because before we were a small agency 17 to 2019 working with really cool musicians doing their social media having a ball making great money. Boom pandemic hits everybody is like we need to go digital. So what do they do? they hire social media agencies. So as the company booms I'm like I need more staff so I start hiring anybody friends family like anyone that I could get my hands on that was getting fired that could get into a job and work giving people. What I thought was a great opportunity.
 | 13:34.33 Sarah Olea Which I think was but it's all perspective and this business is growing and booming again with 2 business owners that don't agree on most things and no real business plan action or anything so I stepped into being a payroll manager and hr manager customer relations customer retention and I'm closing all the deals. So all of a sudden I feel like I have the weight of the world on me and every two weeks when payroll comes I'm sick to my stomach and I was surviving off of having a second business to pay my mortgage in my overhead. So I'm putting 90% of my effort into a business that wasn't paying me for probably about the last six months of the business existing.
 | 14:12.65 audraagen Yikes that that gives me a knot in my stomach just hearing about it.
 | 14:12.67 Sarah Olea And oh yeah  |  oh ah  |  the stress level I can't even I don't remember it was like I blocked it out because I don't even want to go back to that place. It was so the stress level was so high I was racking a debt. Because I needed money to pay people and you know ppp stuff and all that helped. But when you're growing and you don't have a plan and you don't know really where your money is going. You're not renting a business you're renting a very expensive hobby and I had a hobby with 13 people's lives relying on me which is the way I looked at it there they needed income and my job provided them income. I definitely put a lot of people before myself which I think is like a beautiful thing when you think about it put others before yourself. Yeah that's great until you're limping and you can't walk and you can't help everyone. That's why on the airplane they say put your own mask on first before you help anyone else because you can't help people if you're not helped and I had business coaches I had. People advisors in my life that I just I had so much pride and I had such a lack of humility that I didn't take all the advice I was given because I didn't even want them to know my closest people people I was paying to tell me what I was doing right or wrong I didn't even want to tell them how bad it was. Just wanted to pretend like it was going to change and I would read all these self-help books and these like motivational speeches about businesses failing in the first five years and everyone will you know  |  get it together and just keep pushing and a lot of advice that in my opinion had me holding on to a business I probably should have closed 2 years before then.
 | 15:45.86 Sarah Olea So I went on a trip. It was actually a trip a missionary trip in Mexico and I couldn't even focus because I knew that $14000 was going to have to be paid on Friday and I didn't have the money for it and so. Don't even remember how I got the money for it. I think it was like the last of the money that I had that was like just going to cover this and then I to figure it out on Monday and I got home from the mission trip and I cried for three days literally it took everything to not just lay on the floor and I got up and I looked in the mirror and I said what if you just stopped funding the company. What if you just walked away from everything and I had such peace and joy in that moment I knew exactly that's what I was supposed to do yes.
 | 16:26.27 audraagen Let me let me stop you for a second because you get to a point where you're like what if I just stopped first of all that sounds really terrifying because you are a high performing high achieving individual.
 | 16:35.84 Sarah Olea Oh it was.  |   | 
 | 16:44.35 audraagen Type a personalities just don't stop. They just don't they have to be stopped by some way shape or form and is I've said it before that type a personalities don't achieve and thrive because they think they're the best they achieve and thrive because.
 | 16:46.72 Sarah Olea Um  |  yeah  |  yeah.  |   | 
 | 17:02.97 Sarah Olea Wow! oh.  |   | 
 | 17:03.33 audraagen They never think it's enough. That's a type a personality and that is why they achieve so much is because they never think it's enough. So absolutely so you get to this point where like what if I just stopped.
 | 17:11.19 Sarah Olea It's powerful. It's powerful and there's good and bad in that right? Yeah yeah.
 | 17:22.83 audraagen So my my gut reaction as you said that was oh my God like my chest just tightened up as soon as you said that? So yeah  |  and so after you said that and maybe had that moment of ah.
 | 17:28.82 Sarah Olea Yeah I mean I'm looking in the mirror cried for three days
 | 17:40.71 audraagen And you said you had peace What? what? what does? What does that mean  |  what did that feel like.  |   | 
 | 17:42.13 Sarah Olea Um  |  yeah  |  it was like everything on my shoulders lifted up because for three days when I was crying. It was trying to figure out how the heck I was going to turn this business around and how far deep we were. And how many people relied on me my identity everything all of a sudden I stood there and I just didn't care like all the cares of the world that were on me in that moment were lifted away and joy came in when I said let me just walk away like I literally started laughing.
 | 18:16.40 audraagen Wow But crazy is like my favorite place to be like all all the more I know all of those things that.
 | 18:17.95 Sarah Olea And I thought I'm absolutely crazy and I'm telling you breakthrough is crazy.
 | 18:30.28 audraagen When you step outside that little crazy little box that you put yourself in that you know I'm just gonna sit right here once you step outside that and you're like oh my God This is crazy. That's like my best That's my favorite part.
 | 18:37.99 Sarah Olea Yeah I love it I Love it risks come with reward even if you fail and I was going to take a big risk I didn't all I knew is I was literally closing down my my baby right? This agency was my baby I was going to say goodbye to an identity.
 | 18:45.24 audraagen Ah  |  yes.  |   |   | 
 | 18:57.89 Sarah Olea That I had created and all of a sudden I felt like relieved just relieved I texted my business partner and my project manager and I said can you guys run the business without me and the project manager said for how long and I said like if I just stepped out.
 | 19:03.91 audraagen Well.  |   | 
 | 19:17.31 Sarah Olea And they both were like no way we're not doing this without you cool. That was my my way of giving it to you guys I immediately started making phone calls to other agencies hey if I closed down shop Would you take my clients I Trust you I want them to have good homes. Will you take my clients like absolutely.
 | 19:24.25 audraagen Yep.  |   |   | 
 | 19:35.61 Sarah Olea Like let me know what what we need to do so I was driving to a meeting actually that day and in the meeting I'm thinking it's one of my clients they're going to tell us hey we're not going to be working with you anymore because I was losing a lot of clients at this time I was so stressed I couldn't really do what I wanted to do for them and the staff was hard to. So long story short you know they say hey we want we want to work with you. We want. We want you to manage our son. We know you left the music industry. We want you to do this and I started getting phone calls from people out of nowhere like it was like it was reigniting the fire in me to get back to what it is that I love. Didn't sign up to do ah hr and payroll and bookkeeping and medical and I didn't sign up for that right? I I ended up falling into that and building a business to that because I had no plan or agenda I just went for it one hundred miles an hour and I always kind of thought. When you work with celebrities. You're a little bit in the light. So. It's like I have to look a certain way and live a certain way. It's like all that went out the window when when peace set in and I realized wait a minute I could I could make over 6 figures and be happy with a small team and build a new identity. And and not care what anyone else says about me like sign me up.
 | 20:52.17 audraagen So this is this is why we say that failure is a beautiful thing because what you had said to me when you and I first met was my business failed I didn't which is perfect is perfect because there's that.
 | 20:55.30 Sarah Olea Um  |  yeah.  |   |   | 
 | 21:01.58 Sarah Olea Yeah  |  that's the name of my book I'm writing right now. Mm.
 | 21:10.56 Sarah Olea Um  |  yeah.  |   |   | 
 | 21:11.80 audraagen There is that clear division and the wonderful thing is is that you went for it. You went 100% for it and you went to its limit and it stopped working. But then you had all these lessons that you learned that you could take.
 | 21:18.56 Sarah Olea Um  |  yeah  |  yeah.  |   | 
 | 21:25.50 Sarah Olea Um  |  yeah.  |   |   | 
 | 21:30.45 audraagen Into something new. So I I know what it's like to be in that creative space like that constant creative space and it's addicting. But as you got to step into something new. How did how did that feel like having having.
 | 21:30.65 Sarah Olea Is.  |   |   | 
 | 21:40.00 Sarah Olea Yeah.  |   | 
 | 21:49.66 audraagen The the back you know having the quote unquote failure behind you and you're looking forward with no idea  |  no plan. No nothing um  |  new identity. What did it feel like standing there.
 | 21:51.61 Sarah Olea Yeah.  |   | 
 | 21:59.75 Sarah Olea Um  |  yep  |  you know What's so funny as you know the first two months it was I was sitting on 2 things 1 the day that this all happened where peace set in and I'm driving to this meeting. It was literally just dropped in my spirit my business failed I didn't and I thought that's the title of my book and then the next thing that popped in was the name of my business identity amplified and those 2 titles and names were just resonating in my head and and that's all I could think about as I was. Closing out debts and negotiating things and w you know  |  um  |  unemployment paperwork and all that stuff and then middle of December hit. So this was November of last year so in the middle of December hits and I start to step into this new business and it was like it flowed effortlessly. You know I didn't have to sell myself to this day I have not launched my website. It's still a coming soon page yet I am at capacity of clients and I've started to rebuild a team but I have 3 virtual overseas employees that I love and that are so reliable and great and actually 2 of them worked with me in my old agency. And I have this really small remote team and people on social media. Don't even know what I'm doing and I actually get so much joy even just on these podcasts talking about failure more than I do talk about social media. You know I'm still a strategist for many people and I work with some incredible celebrities I travel most weekends of the month to different places all over the country.
 | 23:32.26 Sarah Olea To meet with some of my clients and artists and performances all these really fun cool stuff but it just became this place of my identity was that it was how I make people feel. It was how I impact their lives. It was how I serve them. It was no longer about my title Ceo of this you know it was no longer what my business card said or how many clients were listed on my website. That's where my identity got lost and all of the things that I wanted people to see about myself that were some big achievements and all those things. Which we know stems all the way back to childhood issues right? That's who who we become as adults but this learning lesson allowed me to shift and sit back and say I could be in my little room in my house right now with my 2 computers and my 5 dogs and make a great living. Serving people without the whole world needing to know what I'm doing and when I'm doing it. You know and it doesn't have to be this big fancy title or job. It's literally my gift serving people well and continuous referrals of business. All of my clients now are a hundred percent referral not marketing or anything. It's the dream.
 | 24:45.72 audraagen I mean isn't that isn't not the dream though you you you get to make a living by doing your natural talents and making people happy and you you said something that is just.
 | 24:54.26 Sarah Olea Um  |  yeah.  |   |   | 
 | 25:04.60 audraagen Like really sitting here in my brain because I keep thinking that the majority of our audience are women ages 35 to 55 most of them ah have have some sort of profession in some way shape or form some of them work for organizations some of them own their own businesses.
 | 25:10.70 Sarah Olea Um  |  yeah.  |   |   | 
 | 25:17.67 Sarah Olea Are we are.  |   | 
 | 25:23.65 audraagen But I hear a lot about I am my job I am my job I've said in the past before I became a recovering type a personality. Um I have said many times I am my job but after a while.
 | 25:25.87 Sarah Olea Yeah.  |   | 
 | 25:35.19 Sarah Olea Um  |  yeah.  |   |   | 
 | 25:42.18 Sarah Olea Um  |  yeah.  |   |   | 
 | 25:42.46 audraagen That becomes really unfulfilling how what do you say to other individuals not just women. There are a lot of men that feel that way too. They just don't express it the same way. What? what do you say to those those individuals out there that are that are like.
 | 25:51.89 Sarah Olea Um  |  oh yeah  |  right.  |   | 
 | 26:00.62 audraagen I've identified with my job for so long I don't know how to break away from that identity. But I think I have to.
 | 26:03.65 Sarah Olea Um  |  you know? Yeah  |  we know our identity is who we were always meant and built to be right? You have that identity and and society and everything else tells us what we should look like and talk like and and what. Achievements We should have but really  |  you know what your your identity is I am not my job My gifts happen to be my job. It's the gift that I have created into a company and a business and my identity is not in that or in its Performance. My identity truly is that. I see someone I'm a solution provider right? I see the problem oftentimes they're coming to me for social media I'll see lots of other problems in their business I will refer them to people who I know can solve those issues then tell them to come back to me and I'll serve them with my gift. If you're in a job where you don't feel like your gifts and we all know what our gifts are and even if you don't know you know just might take a little bit of digging. We All have this set of skills and gifts whether it's how you communicate whether it's how you talk to people. Um. Maybe it's a skillset. You're a great painter.. You're really good at identifying good furniture and fixing it up and reselling it. We all have these interesting gifts to serve others when you identify that gift and you feel like the job that you're serving in or the company that you're running.
 | 27:27.40 Sarah Olea Isn't utilizing those gifts. You're never going to feel like you're fulfilling purpose and purpose is so much more rewarding than money now. Yes in today's day and age when you need 2 household incomes and we've got a little inflation going on. You know it's like I can't just go off my purpose because I don't know how to make my purpose make money. Okay. Then? let's make a plan stick where you're at and set a goal in six months I'm going to do this I'm going to stop eating out I'm going to save all my money I'm going to stop doing this I'm going to save this money and then I'm going to launch my business I can't tell you how many business owners I meet that do the most random things and they're happy doing it because it gives them time to do other things right. I'm I'm talking about people who are buying things off of um wholesale websites reselling it on Amazon making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month and all they're doing is like managing orders and they spend the rest of their time writing a book or taking care of their children or gardening or like the most fascinating fun stuff and they're like hey like. I just wanted to provide an income so that I can do my purpose which is maybe take care of my children. Oh I'm I'm a homemaker or I'm I'm an author writing a book. You don't get paid to write a book till it's out you know and even then you might not make any money so there's always a way now I'm not saying quit your job because. Everyone needs really good employees and I think that we all want to be entrepreneurs and the reality is that we're not all set to be it. But you can find a career and a job and a path that you're utilizing your gifts if you're in a job right now and you're thinking I'm not utilizing my gifts but they could be take a bold step hey manager staff you know can i.
 | 29:02.21 Sarah Olea Can I have 2 of the hours that I'm working out of my 8 hour shift to dedicate to this part of the business because I really have a passion for it and I'd love to serve the the business in this way and maybe that can grow into a position and I just want to prove myself to you guys like if somebody came to me and told me that heck yeah. Let's evolve the company together based off your purpose your passions your gifts. So sometimes you just have to be a little bold in asking for things because we don't ask we don't get.
 | 29:29.52 audraagen You know that I have found you you saying that I have found over the last especially over the last two years starting this this crazy idea of mine called the podcast. Um I have asked for things that I never would have been emboldened to do.
 | 29:40.47 Sarah Olea Um  |  I mean.  |   |   | 
 | 29:45.26 Sarah Olea Yeah.  |   | 
 | 29:46.52 audraagen Before and 90% of the point 90 for right? Yeah about 95% of the time they've said yes maybe in different ways like maybe that it wasn't an exact yes to what I had requested but it was still a yes because I asked exactly.
 | 29:52.60 Sarah Olea Yes.  |   |   | 
 | 30:00.53 Sarah Olea Um  |  right? Yeah  |  not this. But what about this? yeah.
 | 30:06.60 audraagen But because I asked and I have actually asked the question back. Why did you say? yes or why did you respond and they said because you asked really it isn't that.
 | 30:19.64 Sarah Olea Ah I Love it.  |   | 
 | 30:22.69 audraagen Strangest thing that it's the power of asking and I think it and I think it goes back to people don't ask because they're afraid of that big giant f word failure or no I mean have you ever died from? no.
 | 30:25.30 Sarah Olea It's the power in our ask. Absolutely.
 | 30:32.28 Sarah Olea Yeah  |  yeah  |  or no  |  right if I never died from. No  |  that's so good. Yeah.
 | 30:39.57 audraagen I have never died from. No so I mean I I hear no all the time and I'm not afraid of it I mean for those that have had children you hear? no all the time when they're 2 years old that's their favorite word. No in it's ah  |  there's power in that.  |   | 
 | 30:52.56 Sarah Olea Yeah  |  yeah  |  yes  |  yes  |  you will. That's that's literally part of the journey of life knocking on doors until they open.
 | 30:58.68 audraagen Keep keep asking until you get a yes because you will get 1
 | 31:10.52 Sarah Olea Asking questions until they're answered it happens right? We're literally children doing that. But why  |  but why? But why? But what? why? Why do kids ask? Why about everything they want to know until you give them the answer then you probably will get asked another question but the point is is that they know ask questions. You'll get answers. That's the same thing for us. And that was a huge learning lesson for me in this you know failure was that whoa I didn't ask for help I had so many amazing people around me and I was not humble enough to say hey I'm struggling desperately and I need help now I have no problem asking for help I can't tell you. Girl I Just wrote that read this email and that I need help can you help me and absolutely I mean people will bend over backwards for you  |  Especially if you've served them for so well for so Long. Asking is so important and so like just back to your question about knowing your identity and making a shift in your career. Ask yourself. Because you know the answer ask yourself and then look at who around you and and ask a question I was really I wasn't shy I think it was pride that would keep me back from asking people that were at a level that I wanted to be at because I was just like I need to learn everything they're doing get to where they are instead of like hey how'd you get there. People will literally give you the roadmap right? because 95% of time people aren't even going to follow the roadmap and achieve it anyway. So They're not concerned about you coming after what they already have so ask.
 | 32:25.83 audraagen Um  |  yeah.  |   |   | 
 | 32:36.22 audraagen Now Yeah I think most people aren't really concerned about you coming after them I I think at least in the space that I'm in and the people that have been attracted to my sphere of influence if you will ah most of them are.
 | 32:39.50 Sarah Olea Yeah  |  yeah.  |   |   | 
 | 32:47.26 Sarah Olea Um  |  yeah  |  exactly which is all we're which is all we can do.
 | 32:52.26 audraagen Are just trying to make room for more people because yeah  |  it's because I have learned and I want to ask you about the power of humility in a minute but I have learned that if you get over yourself and you make room.
 | 33:01.78 Sarah Olea And.  |   |   | 
 | 33:11.37 audraagen You actually will start to achieve more I know that sounds counterintuitive but it's been absolutely true. So tell me about the power of humility because you have mentioned humility several times and how you.
 | 33:19.14 Sarah Olea Um  |  oh you're speaking to me. Yeah.  | 
 | 33:24.68 Sarah Olea Yes.  |   |   | 
 | 33:29.64 audraagen Didn't want to show that vulnerable side of yourself. But now you're on the other side of that tell me what that feels like now.
 | 33:32.50 Sarah Olea Um  |  yeah.  |   |   | 
 | 33:37.72 Sarah Olea I Thought I was humble because I would talk to anybody I would listen to them but it was a false humility because I wouldn't actually apply anything that I was being told or would hear because I had this mindset which is even funny to say now but that like I know how to do it better. And that's pride and I think that we do get that if you were raised like I was with like you know  |  independent women as an influence and like we got this and don't let anybody tell you what to do and you can do this on your own and all that stuff. There are some negative you know effects of that.
 | 33:57.45 audraagen Um.  |   |   | 
 | 34:12.42 Sarah Olea Because I got to this hard exterior where nobody can tell me and nobody should tell me and I'm going to figure it out on my own and I got this I almost wore a shirt today that says I got this and it's great. You know to its resilience. You know can push through a lot of things. But then when you get to a heart spot and you really need help. Really hard to ask for it and we all need help all of us. It's about giving a hand to someone and getting a hand from someone else is all about that when we look at cultures or communities that thrive they help each other you know that's why you'll see some. Cultures with like 16 people in their two- bedroom apartment and at first are thinking like oh what are they doing and it's like well they put one person on and they get their own house put the other person on their business and the whole family contributes to put money towards doing this right? imagine if we did that in networking and business and you know structure of everything. So. I talk about humility a lot because pride was the fall pride came before the fall the pride stopped me and prevented me from asking people that I had in my corner as resources for help I was. Listening to them I was having deep conversations with them I was having breakthrough but there was still this part of me where it was like I'm only going to apply what I think is best and not tried to apply all of it and when I got to the point where I'm at the complete bottom and I have no where else to go.
 | 35:41.85 Sarah Olea That humility that that pride runs out because it's like all right? We've done everything we can and then you you have to humble yourself and say hey I didn't run my business as thought it as good as I thought I did and all those smiles on social media were we're covering up a lot of tears at night and sleepless nights and I really need help.
 | 35:46.28 audraagen Yet.  |   |   | 
 | 36:01.18 Sarah Olea I can't tell you I had a bookkeeper come in and help me file the taxes and do all the books of that previous business and did not send me an invoice I had attorneys giving me 50% off their rates to help me negotiate terms and to help me. Um  |  start my new lllc because I humbled myself. And said hey I don't have the money to pay for this I don't have the resources to do this and they came in and said listen we believe in you we know what you got  |  we're going to help you and I wouldn't have been able to launch this new business had I not had those people in my life. And people that really cared enough to get on the phone with me I have a pastor who calls me on a weekly basis and will talk to me for hour hou hour hou hour and 20 minutes and just let me vent I talk 90% of the time but the 10% is that I do get from him is really useful and now I apply it. Don't just listen to it to feel good in the moment and then the next day I'm back to my old shenanigans and I'm crying and I'm depressed now I'm like okay  |  cool I got to put this to work. We got to do the work pride prevents us from doing the work and the opposite of pride is humility and if you take a humble approach to any situation in life. You will end up victorious in the end one ah hundred percent it might not feel victorious somebody tells you off and you really want to cuss them out. You really want to flip them off. You really want to like turn into their lane. Whatever the anger is that is behind that right? if you take the moment to apologize to someone that you really feel like should apologize to you first. All they're going to be like oh man  |  you know.
 | 37:27.46 Sarah Olea To say sorry I need to apologize to you and you end up being victorious at the end it really sucks to apologize first. But it really was beneficial at the end so I have just learned this whole experience that if I walk in humility I will be exalted at the end I will be victorious at the end I don't have to do that myself.
 | 37:44.33 audraagen My brain it just went because yeah I'm like Wow because you're just you're just serving others is what I'm hearing in your even in your business you are serving other people and.
 | 37:49.80 Sarah Olea That's how I felt when this all downloaded. Do.
 | 37:57.45 Sarah Olea Yeah  |  yeah.  |   |   | 
 | 38:04.30 audraagen Being very humble and vulnerable and I think that that's a key at least has's been a key for me is to be vulnerable and transparent and show up exactly who I am in all spaces not just here at home or with my friends but at work too I.
 | 38:07.75 Sarah Olea Um  |  yeah  |  yeah.  |   | 
 | 38:20.10 Sarah Olea More.  |   | 
 | 38:22.44 audraagen Tell everybody look what you see is what you get and there will be times that I make up words you guys are just going have to deal with it and but it's it's been. It's been in a a really remarkable experience to be in a space.
 | 38:28.57 Sarah Olea I Do it all the time. Ah.  | 
 | 38:35.57 Sarah Olea Yeah  |  yeah.  |   |   | 
 | 38:40.95 audraagen Where I don't have to put out energy trying to be all these things that I'm not have have you have you experienced the same thing of not trying to go oh I need to adjust to be this person for this thing and they want me to be this so I'm going to just to be that.
 | 38:56.24 Sarah Olea Yep.  |   |   | 
 | 38:58.34 audraagen Took a for me Personally  |  it took a tremendous amount of energy that I just simply didn't have to waste.
 | 39:04.30 Sarah Olea Yep I used to call myself a chamileon I used to say if you put me in a mariachi band and I'll get the hat on and I'll dance. You put me in ah in rodeo and I got the cowboy boots on I was a chameleon. It came from the background of sales which is what part of where I started. I needed to dance to the same rhythm that my client was dancing and to close the deal sales is so dangerous by the way. Oh my goodness. But anyway so I got into that chameleon place. Well if you're always adjusting to who everyone else is of course you're going to lose yourself and you're not going to feel happy and fulfilling in that right. Trying to take on everyone else's identity instead of owning and believing in who you are so yeah I've I've been lost in that and I used to be highly extroverted I mean extreme like if I was taking the Myers-briggs I think that's what it's called my. My percentage would have been like in the 90% I needed to have other people around and feed off of their energy and all of those things the pandemic I think shifted a lot of things for us and that like you're at home and you're working by yourself and then I had to work through this business falling and failing and then really sitting back with myself now I'm probably like 60% introvert actually love being alone I can get energy from reading and listening to podcasts and that's where I can get my like excitement and um I don't have to have a bunch of people around or go out partying or go out to dinners with a bunch of friends to feel fulfilled I could literally be by myself and so.
 | 40:28.27 Sarah Olea I think that that was that's also part of like the pride and the humility and those things changing because people that do have a lot of pride tend to want to be kind of like the life of the party and everybody look at me and like I'm the best and it's a false identity. It's something that only makes us feel good in. That short period of time and then you go home and you're like wow I'm Malone and I really don't have any friends you know because nobody really likes the prideful friend like I didn't have tons of friends. My friends that I have now that have been rocks all of me forever are very much like me like they tell me how it is I tell them how it is and um.
 | 40:53.21 audraagen Um.  |   |   | 
 | 41:04.13 Sarah Olea I'm growing now better relationships with people in general just because I'll sit back and listen before I will tell them I tell everybody now. Yeah  |  this did it like I don't need to hear you anymore. This is what you need to do? Okay  |  do do do do do right here's your here's your your recipe of success or getting through the situation right? And now I'm like let me listen. Because half the time they just want to be heard and it takes a humble person to sit back and just listen.
 | 41:30.80 audraagen There's and I don't know if you've experienced this weird side effect of when you become humble and vulnerable all of a sudden you have way more patience than you thought you had I'm like where did that come from because I was I've never been a patient person.
 | 41:40.40 Sarah Olea Um  |  absolutely yeah  |  how I lacked it to.  | 
 | 41:47.15 audraagen Ever because it's always go go go Hurry Hurry Hurry Let's go. Let's go. Let's go um now suddenly I'm I've I wouldn't say I'm very patient come on come on. Let's get real just having some patience is yes is an improvement but it's been this weird side effect. How.
 | 41:53.38 Sarah Olea Yeah  |  yeah  |  we're moderate in our patients. Yeah.
 | 42:04.98 audraagen How about you because I can't imagine that you were built any different of having patients. Ah you right.
 | 42:10.27 Sarah Olea Yeah  |  know you and I are so like it's it's just so crazy. Yeah I mean patience is not a thing. Um my pastor who who I'll often talk about because he's like a father to me and such a good friend but I'll say man you're so green light right? like I would just green like go go go hundred miles an hour and I had to learn to embrace the pause I had to learn the embrace the nose and the the red light the stopping right? I had 0 patients because I was always ready to go whenever. However  |  let's just get this done and so if somebody else was like hold on. Let me think about this me analyze it like wait. What let's do this right now. It's incredible. But I'll tell you what the shift is the shift is this for me. It's a call come fact identity I would take it personal if somebody didn't want to run the same speed as me. It was a personal attack. Yeah  |  it was personal.
 | 42:58.70 audraagen Ah I identify with that so much you have no idea.
 | 43:05.36 Sarah Olea When I discovered that my identity was not other people or what they say or what I want them to think about me I was like wait a minute you don't want to run the same speed to me. Okay  |  cool. What speed do you want to run at let me understand this. Let me think about this hey maybe we're at different speeds and I'm going to keep going at my hundred miles and you'll go at your 60? Whatever it may be but it's not personal anymore. That's just you the moment this is a weird thing but I kind of look at everybody now as like a a child now this is going to sound bad but I'll explain it if I look at everybody like children growing in whatever they are growing in in their season and growing and it's really hard to look at a kid and just be mad at them for not knowing things like you're you're 9 course you don't know how to write a check. So when I look at everybody now I just look at them as like man  |  you've got pain and trauma like I do you've got story. You've got situations. You have all these things about you I'm going to look at who you are not for where I think you should be but exactly for where you are. And just listen and understand and it brought so much patience when I took myself out of the equation I was always putting myself in the mix. That's what extroverts do type a pride all that it just puts us in the mix of everybody's situation hey I'm not going to be offended by your beliefs. By your ideologies by your thought process by your trauma. But I'm not I'm not involved in that. That's your story and I keep trying to put myself in your story and then I get mad when you don't want me in it. It wasn't mine to be in so you know if I had to if I had to start an agency all over again.
 | 44:36.72 Sarah Olea Which is which is the the path that I've chosen not to go down. Um and yet if I if that was the the path that I've chosen it would be such a strong agency because part of the reason is that my employee my employees will tell you I mean I was reckless you know like.
 | 44:49.77 audraagen No.  |   |   | 
 | 44:52.60 Sarah Olea Had such high expectations for them and in no regard for their life or personal space or boundaries because I had no regard for my own and now that I'm learning to like love myself and my own boundaries and and really growing in these places. It's easy for me to look at someone else and respect where they are. And I'm telling you pride was like a blindfold I had on for so many years and I'm so happy that Blindfolds off.
 | 45:17.20 audraagen You know that is I could not have have said that or even articulated that better than you just did because that's just that just boils down to exactly what it should be being this humble.
 | 45:29.99 Sarah Olea Um  |  yeah.  |   |   | 
 | 45:36.35 audraagen Vulnerable human being that's put on this earth just to serve others and oh this would be a whole lot easier.
 | 45:40.45 Sarah Olea Um  |  imagine if we all lived life like that I mean wow and I think that that's part of my journey even with serving people right? if I'm serving 10 clients a month and I get to influence what they're doing and posting on social media. To to come from these types of perspectives it will grow ah in my opinion communities of people who are like I want to just love people I want to just serve people I want to see people for where they are and take me out of all of the equations I'm putting myself in that I don't belong in I'm reading a book right now called loving what is. By Byron Katie and she talks about yes  |  such a good book and part of it. She says like I stay out of their business and I say it a god's business like I just stay in my business.
 | 46:15.27 audraagen I have that I have that written down because that's gonna be on my to read list for sure.
 | 46:29.86 Sarah Olea And because you can ask questions about why are they doing this and what are they doing this and like how did God let this happen and we ask all these crazy questions like what about just asking yourself the questions that you can answer sticky with that sticky with that plant if you become the best version of you and you're raising children. The best version of you and you have employees of the best version of you. You're just going to raise a. Bunch of really cool opportunities for better people.
 | 46:50.86 audraagen And I mean and like I said isn't that what this is all about I mean if we all just get over ourselves and just help each other be the best versions of each other. That's just that's just the thing that's that's that's where the magic is Sarah.
 | 46:54.31 Sarah Olea Yeah.  |   | 
 | 47:03.40 Sarah Olea It's magical. Yeah  |  it's beautiful. Exactly yeah I love chatting at you. It's great.
 | 47:09.40 audraagen This hour has flown by I just looked at the time and go we could talk for hours and hours and I I reserve the right to call you back and say please come back on the show and before I let you go I want to give you an opportunity to tell the audience.
 | 47:20.30 Sarah Olea A deal. Yeah.  |   | 
 | 47:28.97 audraagen What your new company is where they can where they can find you and ah just give a little bit of information about your your new baby.
 | 47:33.84 Sarah Olea Absolutely thank you. My new baby is identity amplified identity amplified dot com I do have a website finally launching very soon. I do have group training every other tuesday and now on Fridays where people can come in and learn about all the newest latest trends of social media and different perspectives and creative intake on that. Um I do one to one coaching um and strategy and then I do have some social media management. Um for the the brand management clients that I have that you. Mentioned in the very beginning and then on social media you can find me pretty much everywhere at Sarah Oleia Instagram is at sdotole a which is sdot o le I was a name that I coined very long time ago and never got rid of one day I will convince the 12 year old that has my Instagram name to let me buy it from her but until then. Can find me those places um pretty much every social media platform and please send me a message I'm here to serve.
 | 48:29.43 audraagen Please everyone go and check out her social media platforms. She's an amazing lady and as you as you can hear in her voice. She is genuine and she is warm and she is lovely and please reach out to her I promise you you will get just as much warmth. From her in person as you do here. So thank you again. Sarah for joining me this hour I truly appreciate it and I thank all of you again for listening to me this week and we'll catch again next time hit come on.
 | 48:50.28 Sarah Olea Thank you.  |   | 
 | 49:02.34 Sarah Olea Something.  |   |