Women in the Arena

Break the rules with Marquita Wright

June 15, 2022 Audra Agen Season 4 Episode 15
Women in the Arena
Break the rules with Marquita Wright
Show Notes

Being a woman comes with all of these unwritten cultural rules that we are expected to follow, especially if you are a mom.  But who made these rules and why do we have to follow them?  What would happen if we didn't? 
Marquita Wright is that rule breaker that decided that these old tired rules did not suit her and decided to do something crazy.  She decided that being a mom while pursuing her passions made her a better, happier mom.  One of her greatest passions is world travel and she wasn't afraid to do that with babies, twin babies at that.  It is her passion for culture that is enriching her children's lives by teaching them how to appreciate people that are different and learning from them along the way.   Marquita doesn't stop there; she is teaching other parents how to travel with even the youngest of travelers.  So break the rules, do what you love and don't step back because you are a mom.


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